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Sea temperature - Pakoštane

The sea temperature in Pakoštane is determined by the amount of sunshine, precipitation, tide, ebb and wind. The wind has a significant influence on the temperature of the sea in Pakoštane, especially the south wind blowing from the sea to the mainland and mixing the heated thermal sea and the deeper, colder one. Therefore, the temperature of the sea in Pakoštane can quickly cool down during more unstable weather filled with rain and wind. The temperature of the sea in Pakoštane is therefore slightly lower than the average sea temperature of the Republic of Croatia, but during more stable weather filled with sunshine and reduced wind, the temperature of the sea in Pakoštane easily exceeds 25 degrees Celsius.

  • 75%humidity
  • 14°Cair temperature
  • 13.4m/swind
  • 2UV index
18.4°Caverage sea temperature

The temperature is perfect for swimming for all ages.

Where to swim in Pakoštane?

In Pakoštane, you can swim at several beaches, such as Janice Beach, Punta Beach, Dražice Beach, and Pine Beach. All beaches are sandy or pebbly, with crystal clear sea and a view of the islands. Additionally, there are several coves in Pakoštane that are ideal for peaceful swimming and relaxation.

20.9°Crecord temperature

The best time for swimming

  • June
  • July
  • August

Sea temperature by days in Pakoštane

Check sea temperatures day by day in Pakoštane

Last updated 01.12.2023. 13:00

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