Temperatura mora
Slika plaže u Rtini gdje je izmjerena temperatura mora

Sea temperature - Rtina

Rtina is a place in the Zadar hinterland very well protected from the wind, which is why the sea temperature in Rtina is mostly determined by the amount of sunshine, and then by the amount of precipitation, tide and ebb. The sea temperature in Rtina is usually higher than in nearby Zadar, which Rtina can thank to its favorable position and shallow sea. The sea temperature in Rtina is similar to the sea temperature in Nin and the sea temperature in Privlaka, and the sea temperature in Zadar is often lower than the sea temperature in Rtina.

  • 97%humidity
  • 8°Cair temperature
  • 4.9m/swind
  • 1UV index
17.8°Caverage sea temperature

The temperature is perfect for swimming for all ages.

Where to swim in Rtina?

In Rtina, you can swim in several places. The most popular beach is Pudarica beach, which is sandy and has crystal clear water. Additionally, there is Jakišnica beach, which is pebbly and has several beach bars. For those who prefer quieter beaches, Veli Žal beach is recommended, which is hidden in a bay and has a beautiful view of Velebit.

Slika plaže u Rtini gdje je izmjerena temperatura mora
20.4°Crecord temperature

The best time for swimming

  • June
  • July
  • August

Sea temperature by days in Rtina

Check sea temperatures day by day in Rtina

Last updated 30.11.2023. 7:00

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