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Sea temperature - Tisno

The temperature of the sea in Tisno gradually increases from April, with the highest temperatures in July and August. Tisno is located on the island of Murter in a shallow bay which allows the sea temperature in Tisno to remain high throughout the summer. The sea temperature in Tisno is affected by the number of sunny hours in the year, the tide and the amount of rainfall. Tisno is well protected from the wind, but not completely so sometimes the wind can mix the warm surface sea with the cold deep sea and thus quite suddenly change the temperature of the sea in Tisno. The temperature of the sea in Tisno is similar to the average sea temperature in Dalmatia, and can differ quite a lot from the temperature of the sea in Tribunj even though Tribunj is not far from Tisno.

  • 89%humidity
  • 15°Cair temperature
  • 1.8m/swind
  • 8UV index
18.4°Csea ​​temperature

It is not recommended to swim because the sea temperature is very low, especially for heart patients and other patients.

Where to swim in Tisno?

In Tisno, you can swim in several places. The most popular beach is Jazine beach, located in the city center. Additionally, there is Lovišća beach, which is ideal for families with children due to its shallow waters. For those who prefer quieter beaches, Brošćica beach on the island of Murter, near Tisno, is recommended.

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The best time for swimming

  • June
  • July
  • August

Sea temperature by days in Tisno

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