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Sea temperature - Posedarje

Posedarje records temperatures higher than the average for Croatia due to its favorable position on the Novigrad Sea. The Novigrad Sea is exceptionally shallow with the deepest part being 38 meters, which is why the Novigrad Sea warms up very quickly. Because of this, the sea temperature in Posedarje is already favorable for swimming from May, and during the summer months of June, July and August, the sea temperature in Posedarje often exceeds 25 degrees Celsius. The sea temperature in Posedarje is the same as the sea temperature in Novigrad since Dalmatian Novigrad is also located on the Novigrad Sea.

  • 41%humidity
  • 15°Cair temperature
  • 7.6m/swind
  • 6UV index
15.1°Csea ​​temperature

It is not recommended to swim because the sea temperature is very low, especially for heart patients and other patients.

Where to swim in Posedarje?

In Posedarje, you can swim in several places, such as the sandy beach Dražica with shallow water, and the pebble beaches Mala and Velika Luka with crystal clear water. Additionally, there is the hidden cove beach Ručica, which is ideal for those seeking peace and quiet.

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The best time for swimming

  • June
  • July
  • August

Sea temperature by days in Posedarje

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