Temperatura mora
Panoramska slika Opatije u kojoj je izmjerena temperatura mora

Sea temperature - Opatija

The sea temperature in Opatija gradually rises from April and May, and it is possible to swim there already in June. The maximum sea temperature in Opatija is reached during the summer months, mainly in July and August. However, it is still possible to swim in Opatija in September. During the fall, the sea temperature in Opatija drops sharply and reaches temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit). Opatija records typical Kvarner sea temperatures, and the sea temperature in the city of Rijeka, the sea temperatures in Mošćenička Draga, and the sea temperatures in Lovran is similar to the sea temperature in Opatija. The sea temperature in Opatija is measured by a buoy with a sea temperature sensor, which is located at the Lido cape near the Franz Joseph I coastal promenade.

  • 53%humidity
  • 12°Cair temperature
  • 3.6m/swind
  • 4UV index
14.1°Csea ​​temperature

It is not recommended to swim because the sea temperature is very low, especially for heart patients and other patients.

Where to go swimming in Opatija?

The most popular beaches in Opatija are Slatina, Lido, and Tomaševac, but there are also lesser-known beaches such as Medveja and Moscenicka Draga. Additionally, you can swim on the rocks along the coast or in one of the many hotels with pools.

Panoramska slika Opatije u kojoj je izmjerena temperatura mora

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The best time for swimming

  • June
  • July
  • August

Sea temperature by days in Opatija

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