Temperatura mora

Sea temperature - Premantura

The sea temperature in Premantura is similar to the sea temperature in Medulin since both places are located in the same bay. The sea temperature in Premantura warms up relatively quickly since the sea in Premantura is shallow and the place is sheltered from strong winds. Therefore, the sea temperature in Premantura quickly heats up from the beginning of April, and by the beginning of June it is possible to swim in Premantura. The sea temperature in Premantura can often be higher than the average sea temperature in Istria.

  • 61%humidity
  • 7°Cair temperature
  • 7.6m/swind
  • 2UV index
16.4°Caverage sea temperature

The temperature is perfect for swimming for all ages.

Where to swim in Premantura?

In Premantura, you can swim at several beaches, such as Kamenjak Beach, Debeljak Beach, Školjić Beach, and Mala Kolumbarica Beach. All the beaches are beautiful, with crystal clear water and natural shade. Additionally, some beaches offer various activities such as diving, kayaking, or windsurfing.

20.1°Crecord temperature

The best time for swimming

  • June
  • July
  • August

Sea temperature per day in Premantura

Check the sea temperature per day in Premantura

Last updated 03.12.2023. 19:00

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