Temperatura mora

Sea temperature - Njivice

The sea temperature in Njivice rapidly rises from the beginning of spring and reaches its maximum in the summer months of July and August. Since Njivice is located on the western part of the island of Krk and is protected from the bora, the sea temperature in Njivice is prone to smaller variations than the sea temperature in settlements on the eastern side of the island. Therefore, the sea temperature in Njivice is similar or identical to the sea temperature in Omišlje, the sea temperature in Punat or the sea temperature in Krk. The sea temperature in Njivice is usually around the average sea temperature in Croatia. [LINK]

  • 69%humidity
  • 6°Cair temperature
  • 8.5m/swind
  • 2UV index
15.1°Caverage sea temperature

The temperature is perfect for swimming for all ages.

What is the ideal sea temperature for swimming?

Although technically you can bathe at any temperature, which is why some recommend bathing in cold water for various health benefits, the best temperature to bathe at is between 20 and 23°C. For most bathers, this is the ideal temperature, especially because it reduces the chance of shock in older and sick people.

What is the ideal sea temperature for babies?

For babies from 0 to 3 months, the minimum temperature at which they should be bathed is 32°C. For those from 3 to 12 months, the temperature can be slightly lower - 30°C. For older children, the temperature should be around 25°C. The temperature of any baby bath should never exceed 35°C.

How to protect yourself from the sun?

It is very simple to protect yourself from the sun, just make sure to drink enough water, use sunscreen with a high factor (30+) and avoid the sun when UV radiation and temperature are at their highest, which is from 10 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon.

18°Crecord temperature

The best time for swimming

  • June
  • July
  • August

Temperature by day in the place

average per day

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