Temperatura mora
Panoramska slika grada Omiša u kojem je izmjerena temperatura mora

Sea temperature - Omiš

The sea temperature in Omiš is much lower than the average sea temperature in Dalmatia and closer to the average sea temperature in Croatia. The reason for this is that Omis is located at the mouth of the Cetina River where the cold Cetina River flows into the sea and significantly cools it. Therefore, the city of Omis is one of the favorite summer tourist destinations because the colder sea provides excellent refreshment for hot and dry summer days in southern Dalmatia. The sea temperature in Omis as well as the sea in Omis itself are interesting to study because the unique location of Omis offers many unique conditions for the life of marine and river animal organisms. The sea temperature in Omis is optimal for swimming and water activities during the summer months of June, July and August.

  • 82%humidity
  • 18°Cair temperature
  • 8.9m/swind
  • 2UV index
19°Caverage sea temperature

The temperature is perfect for swimming for all ages.

Where to swim in Omiš?

The most popular beaches in Omiš are Punta beach, Velika Luka beach, and Brzet beach. Additionally, you can swim at Nemira beach or Medici beach. Moreover, there are also several hidden coves that are ideal for a peaceful vacation and swimming.

Panoramska slika grada Omiša u kojem je izmjerena temperatura mora
21.8°Crecord temperature

The best time for swimming

  • June
  • July
  • August

Sea temperature by days in Omiš

Check sea temperatures day by day in Omiš

Last updated 01.12.2023. 1:00

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